Covid-19 Health & Safety Measures

How We’re Keeping Guests Safe In A Covid-19 pandemic World

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we introduced a number of extra health and safety measures that have been implemented by all our team here in Uganda. These have been designed to minimize the risk of guests introducing a new infection to the local community, and minimize the risk of cross-infection between guests and from the local community.

These measures are in addition to our standard safety policies and are strictly enforced to minimize the risks associated with Covid-19.


Volunteers Tested For COVID-19 Within 72 Hours Of Travel


Health & Safety Information Provided During Orientation


Strict Disinfecting Standards For Programs & Accommodation


Greater Physical Distance Between Guests 

  • All guests must be tested for Covid-19 prior to arriving to the program. In addition to any country-specific entry requirements, you’ll also need to present proof of negative Covid-19 test results to Justice Tourism Foundation when you arrive to the program or before you embark on your tour excursions. This is an additional safety measure to protect other guests and the local communities we work with. This can be either a PCR test completed within 72 hours prior departure, or you can bring a Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) from home, which you can complete when you arrive.
  • During orientation, each guest will be provided information about Covid-19 symptoms, local health facilities, and how to minimize possible infection.
  • Increased frequency and depth of cleaning practices is taking place in both accommodation and placement locations.
  • Antibacterial spray/wipes are present at all placements with surfaces wiped between guests shifts and individual/group changeovers.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers will be available at project sites and at the guest accommodation base.
  • We are asking guests to maintain a greater physical distance from one another in accommodation and placements.
  • Symptomatic individuals will be isolated from others in accordance with local regulations and WHO guidelines. If symptoms persist or are of concern, individuals will be assisted in contacting a healthcare provider for testing, advice and/or treatment.

All of our guests should also take personal responsibility for their own health and the safety of others. Please do not travel if you are feeling ill or if there is a risk you may be an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19 – for example, if you have been exposed to an infected individual within the 14 days before you start your tour excursions program. Read more

Covid-19 Health & Safety Measures

Justice Tourism Foundation requires all guests to provide proof of a negative Covid-19 test upon arrival to their volunteer program or tour excursions. This is a border requirement in many countries and helps to minimize the risk of infecting other guests or travelers and the local communities you’ll be visiting or volunteering with.

Covid-19 vaccination requirements: Justice Tourism Foundation strongly recommends all guests are fully vaccinated against Covid-19 prior to travel. The Ministry of Health in Uganda requires all guests to present their Covid-19 PCR negative test or a fully Covid19 vaccination certificate upon your arrival at the immigration department. For more information on any vaccination requirements for your preferred program or tour please contact us.

Health & Safety Measures

When the Covid-19 pandemic began, we introduced a number of extra health and safety measures across all program placements and tours in Uganda. These have been designed to minimize the risk of guests introducing a new infection to the local community, and minimize the risk of cross-infection between guests and from the local community.

  • All guests must provide evidence of a negative Covid-19 test from within the last 72 hours on arrival.
  • Guests receive information on how to minimize infection.
  • Enhanced cleaning practices in accommodation and placements.
  • Antibacterial spray/wipes available at all volunteer placements and at all our tour destinations in Uganda.
  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizers available at project sites and at the guests accommodation base.
  • Guests asked to maintain a greater physical distance from one another.
  • Symptomatic individuals will be isolated from others.
  • Guests will be assisted if they need testing, advice and/or treatment.

Guests Health and Safety

Our slow travel abroad experience is an impactful way to expand your horizons, learn about new cultures and make a valuable contribution in a community overseas. As one of the world’s leading travel abroad provider, Justice Tourism Foundation is trusted to support the meaningful adventures of hundreds of guests every year.

The safety and wellbeing of our guests has and always will be our number one priority. With more than 22 years experience in the travel industry, we are trusted by guests to ensure they are well prepared for their trip, and that we have processes and procedures in place to ensure risks are minimized.

We’ve always followed best practice and industry-leading procedures and we are proud to say that we have an unmatched record when it comes to keeping guests safe across Uganda in which we operate programs and tours.

Managing Health And Safety For Our Program Placement 

We have a comprehensive approach to managing health and safety procedures and reducing risks for our volunteer programs. This gives volunteers the knowledge and confidence they need to stay safe, secure and healthy.

  • As part of our safety process, we regularly review and optimize our health and safety policies to ensure that our impact on volunteers and local communities remains a positive one.
  • When programs are set up, we train our on ground team on best practice volunteer management, customer care services including industry-leading health and safety procedures.
  • All our programs are required to adhere to Justice Tourism Foundation’s Risk Management Policy. We regularly revisit our programs to meet with local communities where we work and volunteers to ensure that this is being adhered to.
  • All program staff are required to undertake first aid training and all host families and staff undergo thorough background checks.
  • We actively seek feedback from volunteers and continually revise our health and safety procedures to ensure they are effective and meet expectations.
  • All our volunteers receive access to and are strongly encouraged to read our pre-departure information booklet which includes information on health and safety.
  • The our Justice Tourism Foundation team provides wrap-around support from start to finish and are available 24/7 for volunteers to voice any concerns and support any incidents that arise.
  • We require volunteers to have travel insurance when they travel abroad with us to participate in our volunteer programs in Uganda.