Gorilla Trekking Experience



Uganda is home to some of the most incredible wildlife on this planet, including the endangered Silverback Gorillas. Join us on this incredible adventure through Uganda where you will witness the beauty of Uganda’s mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and experience a truly overwhelming encounter with one of the world’s most endangered species with the chances to participate in sustainable community projects initiatives and learn about critical conservation issues from the local people. Participate in our environmental Conservation Program where you will be involved in the tree planting alongside the locals as a way of supporting the climate change adaptation and management.

Venture beyond animal encounters to experience authentic Uganda village life and take part in the community’s daily activities, meet locals, taste traditional dishes and engaged in an authentic cultural immersion experiences and the vibrant and diverse cultural heritage of the Ugandan. Learn about the lives of rural women, the custodians of traditions and indigenous knowledge. Their resilience and commitment to extended family and community have kept the African family intact through centuries of adversity. Participate in village’s handicraft workshop, where you will observe the creation of traditional crafts by locals. Visit the local tea plantation and try picking tea with the local villagers.