Message From The Founder

Justice Tourism Foundation’s founder James Nadiope comes from the worlds of brands, Spiritual Advisor,Humanitarian, Social Work, Theologian and Nonprofits, respectively. He started Justice Tourism Foundation as a new approach to engaging with social impact, with a foundational belief that empathy is a human instinct, but requires firsthand contact: when you see someone in pain or in danger, it is your instinct to help them, rather than turning away and perpetuating suffering.

James and his  team set out to capture that scenario and replicated it, allowing people to engage with social impact in deep, authentic and fun way that encourages them to deepen their involvement in social causes and make new decisions about how they show up in the world when they arrive back home.


“We Are Fueled By Purpose, Adventure, Community, And Love.” – Says James

Dear Travelers,

We started Justice Tourism Foundation in  2017 out of a strong desire to create travel experiences that created an impact in the local communities at the destinations.

We saw the potential to use travel to transform the communities we visited and the travelers we engaged. We saw an opportunity to view each traveler not as our customer, but as a seed of positive change in the world. We saw a chance to reinvent service work and make it cool. We combined what was powerful from our own experiences in nonprofit work and volunteering other experiments in community, and designed an arc of a six to  twelve days trips that combined impact and integration in combination that had the potential to be truly transformative: a real chance to experience big central emotions like gratitude, oneness, and love. And when it worked, it worked.

The world is still in big need of repair, but we ignited a light and we will continue to shine, light the way for our community, and reflect back the brilliance of others. Our mission is to build a global community of impact-minded (conscious) travelers who want to move beyond traditional tourism to engage in genuine cross-cultural connection and learning opportunities – inspiring compassion towards fellow human beings.

Thank you for showing up big and for choosing to explore Uganda with us !!! We look forward to hosting you on some of our amazing Uganda trips.

Big love & Cyber warm hugs,

James Nadiope 

CEO & Founder 

Justice Tourism Foundation